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  Good Luck Chuck

Starring: Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler, Michelle Harrison, Ellia English

Directed by: Mark Helfrich

Produced by: Mike Karz, Brian Volk-Weiss, Barry Katz

Written by: Josh Stolberg

Distributor: New Line Cinema, Lionsgate


     Good Luck Chuck is one of the most juvenile films made in years and, as a result, fails to engage the rational adult viewer on even the most basic of levels. For the movie, screenwriter Josh Stolberg drafted a crude, trite script that would only tickle the funny-bones of bawdy teenage audiences. Unfortunately for him, the abundance of immature sexual content present led to the movie being slapped with R-rating by the MPAA, barring the aforementioned target-demographic from seeing it. As a result, Good Luck Chuck has been marketed to more mature audiences as a comic love-story, a far cry from the truth. This is yet another painfully boring “raunch comedy” that finds the bulk of its humor in characters falling over and engaging in bizarre sexual positions, hoping desperately that its audiences are too inebriated to realize the lack of inspiration behind the material. Nearly as yucky as the script are leads Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, who come off as downright sleazy more than often than they do lovable losers. The movie’s only source of redemption is Dan Fogler as supporting character Stu, a superficial plastic surgeon whose fast-talking vulgarity actually achieves a sort of poetry because of the way the actor delivers it. On nearly every other count, Good Luck Chuck is an unfathomably puerile nightmare, a brainless and occasionally excruciating exercise in comedic inanity.


-Danny Baldwin, Bucket Reviews

Review Published on: 9.26.2007

Screened on: 9.22.07 at the Krikorian Vista Metroplex 15 in Vista, CA.


Good Luck Chuck is rated R and runs 96 minutes.

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