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Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams /

Rated: PG

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Cheech Marin 

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez 

Produced by: Robert Rodriguez, Elizabeth Avellan 

Written by: Robert Rodriguez 

Distributor: Dimension Films


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     There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best kids movie, aside from Lilo & Stitch, playing in theatres this summer. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams is a worthy follow up to the first full of humor, action, adventure, and neat special effects. It is the essential missing piece of the puzzle for parents who want to take their kids out of the house without having to worry or think. I hope that it does very well, for it’s one of the best children-intended pictures in a long time.

     What really makes this movie the absolute best kids movie of the summer? I mean you’ve got Stuart Little 2, Spirit, and The Master of Disguise; why aren’t those any better those any better than this? I’ll tell you why. Spy Kids 2 has just the right dose of everything to make it the perfect family movie. All of the content that is supplies is intended for children, but will be enjoyed by every member of the household. The great gadgets, technically innovative monsters, and clever jokes will impress anyone and everyone who goes to see it.

     As the sequel to the ever-popular Spy Kids, the second installment has a lot to live up to. I think that they created a worthwhile sequel, but on Sunday morning we’ll find out what America thinks. The plot is born when the ‘Spy Kids’ are called in when the president’s daughter is caught on a theme-park ride. Two teams of these young secret agents, the Cortezes and the Bubbles, climb up to save her. The Cortez duo reach the young girl first, but the Bubbles mistakenly get the credit for saving her. One of the Cortezes, named Juni, is suspended from the Spy Kids league because of trying to rightfully steal the recognition from the Bubbles, therefore he is prohibited from taking on any new missions until he becomes reinstated; leaving his sister without a partner. In hopes of taking on a new journey, the two then illegally hack into the Spy Kids’ organizations computer and reinstate Juni themselves. Once his reinstatement is confirmed, they steal the Bubble’s mission without permission. This sends them to ‘The Island of Lost Dreams’ while at the same time, transports the two young Bubbles to the middle of the Gobe desert. While on the island the Cortezes take on the exciting adventure of finding the transmucher device. I thoroughly enjoyed Spy Kids 2 and highly recommend it.

      If you’re an avid moviegoer you will realize that some of the casting used in Spy Kids 2 was quite odd. Of all the people to use, they had to cast Bill Paxton and Steve Buscemi to play two of the roles in the film! It wasn’t so much that they were bad, but the other roles they have played in the past were so far from their characters in these. Steve Buscemi played an old record collector in Ghost World and a man named ‘Crazy Eyes’ in Mr. Deeds; while in this film he played a panicked scientist on a deserted island. Bill Paxton played a broadcaster in Titanic and a believed-to-be psychotic father who could receive messages from god in Frailty; here he played a theme-park marketer. Some people might award the both of them for their tremendous versatility, but I was just stricken with disbelief when I saw their faces.

     Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams is an excellent kids movie as well as a thrilling adventure. I thought that all of the younger actors handled themselves quite well and took their parts very seriously. Also, unlike The Master of Disguise, the outtakes shown while the credits are rolling are actually worth watching, and not too long. I deem Spy Kids 2 and excellent and worthwhile family sit.

-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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