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Bad Company /

Rated: PG-13
Starring: Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins, Gabriel Macht, John Slattery, Peter Stormare
Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Produced by: Jerry Bruckheimer, Mike Stenson
Written by: Jason Richman, Michael Browning

Distributor: Touchtone Pictures


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     The sad thing about this movie was that it had undeniable potential. The trailers were misleading to the actual plot, the film had a mediocre taste in comedy, and there was no point to it whatsoever. As I think about it, Bad Company just was a huge mess of absolutely nothing! Joel Schumacher has made a mess of all the films he has done (Batman Forever, 8mm). This thing is supposed to be a comedy, but instead it acted if it were a drama gone wrong! I don't see how Anthony Hopkins picked such a horrible script.

     In this case, the casting director did a very good job getting Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock in the same movie. But, I can't say it worked out. It was like a desperate plunge into a bottomless pit! Sure, Hopkins put on a great performance, but it was a shot at nothing compared to his previous works (The Silence of the Lambs, Hearts In Atlantis). Chris Rock was hilarious when in his prime, but at other moments he exercised the ability to perform back breaking torture. Once again, the cast had potential, but in this case, they didn't prevail.

     Another thing that really bothered me in Bad Company was that it tended to drag and stretch things out a lot. I was thinking of giving it three buckets, but I later found out, that was only half way through the movie. It drug on and on, time after time, seemingly allotting the characters unbelievable super-human powers, that weren't at all realistic; even in a movie. It could have been good if it were an hour and a half long. But instead, it left me in an grim gas chamber of injustice for another half hour, going on and on about simple things that could've been resolved in ten seconds!

     There are only two purposes this movie can serve for. One, little kids who are going to fall asleep ten minutes into the movie, while their grandpas are busily munching away on popcorn not paying attention to the screen. And two, teenage couples who are going to been too busy to "watch" the film at any point. In my mind, Bad Company had a good cast, a good crew (aside from Schumacher), and a semi-good story. It could've been a heck of a good movie. The point is that we must not look at the movie for what it could've been, but for what it is. That certainly isn't anything at all!


-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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