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The Bucket Rating Scale:

- A miraculous work of cinema, truly something special. Enjoy this over multiple viewings.

- An excellent motion picture plagued by a few nagging flaws. May have its problems, but terrific overall.

- The average "good" film. Full of merit and worth seeing, but certainly suffers from a few flaws.

- The pros of this film outweigh its cons, but perhaps not by much. Worth seeing, but usually only once.

- Usually bland fare that one could live with or without. Not painful, and could be worth a cable-viewing.

- More often than not, these films are not worth seeing. The bad in them overwhelms the good.

- Aggressively bad, and definitely not worth seeing. Why waste your time on a film of such little merit?

- Certainly not worth seeing, but perhaps not as offensive as...

- ...this type of worthless crap. Zero Bucket films are offensive, insulting pieces of garbage.


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