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Blade II /

Rated: R
Starring: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Tcheky Karyo, Daz Crawford, Luke Goss
Directed by: Guillermo Del Toro
Produced by: Wesley Snipes, Peter Frankfurt, Victor McGauley
Written by: Guillermo Del Toro, David S. Goyer

Distributor: New Line Cinema


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     Blade II is wonderfully put together, though the material that it presents us becomes boring and repetitive about half-way through the movie. Aside from the outstanding special effects and amazing shots during the many action sequences, the entire picture lacks substance. When any shape or form of dialogue starts to build, the conversation is either terrifyingly stupid or annoyingly short-lived. I can either accept the movie for what it is, or what it was supposed to be, or just not recommend it. And seeing that I can’t follow the path that number one paves, I’m going to have to choose option number two. The originator, Blade, was very original and entertaining; though this is repetitive and bland. I do have great things to say about this movie, but when it was over I felt half-full. If they had cut out some of the more stupid action sequences and clipped in some intelligent dialogue my experience would’ve been more enriching and thought provoking; but the actual cut wasn’t, and I’m going to lay down the law right now…

     In the film, Wesley Snipes plays a half-man and half-vampire that has the intelligence of a human and the skills and swordsmanship of a immortal. He must use his supernatural birth defect to save the human race from wrong-doing, blood-sucking vampires who want to use there special powers to do evil to the world and its entirety. He is the only person with an ounce of positive energy in them who has the ability to battle these commotion-causing immortals without getting their head ripped off within two seconds; a vampire-hunter if you will. Though the basics of the plot are the same as the first, the premise is much different; and less unique for that matter. This time, Blade (Snipes) must save humans from a new kind of vampire, in his toughest adventure ever. This new kind of supernatural is stronger, and more powerful than ever and wants to destroy both races, the mortal and the immortal; leaving the universe for itself. This is all good, but the problem that I had with the story is that it was extremely hard to follow because of the tiring effect that all of the never-ending, non-stop action played on me. After an hour I felt sick!

     As discussed in the first paragraph, the well put together action scenes were one of the flicks more redeeming features. Combined with killer special effects and cool battles, they’re the one really great thing that the film has to offer. The camera-work swiftly moves along and incorporates great sci-fantastic inguinal and metaphoric visual effects. I particularly liked a scene where the camera moved elegantly while showing Blade riding his motorcycle down a large in-door driveway. The way the view shifted so perfectly, makes you feel like you’re were in this world of completely immortal vampire soles with no one to turn to except for the vampire hunter himself. If you’re looking for some good entertainment, and are a part of a group I like to refer to as “the average movie-goer”, you will probably enjoy this for its entertainment value. Though I was not entertained by the movie, I am not the average movie-goer, I’m a critic; and I admit to looking at movies much harder than they should be.

     Blade II offers great sets, intriguing sci-fi, and an interesting premise; but just doesn’t make the cut. The constant action was too much for me; when people are moving to and fro for two hours solid, I really get antsy; though I am not like most people. Wesley Snipes worked for the role of Blade, though I can’t say that I was tremendously blown away by his performance, as I was after the first. If you haven’t seen the original, I would recommend it much more than this one, because it is ten times more original and fun. For most people, Blade II will be an appreciable action flick, but for me it was a drag. Personal preference is everything.  

-Danny, Bucket Reviews