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Finding Nemo /

Rated: G

Starring: Alexander Gould, Erica Beck, Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Geoffrey Rush
Directed by: Andrew Stanton
Produced by: Graham Walters
Written by: Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, David Reynolds
Distributor: Walt Disney/Pixar


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     In a summer dominated by sequels and remakes, Finding Nemo is incredibly welcome. At almost every movie Iíve been to lately, Iíve walked out of the theatre, gaining nothing more than what I knew when I walked in. But, Finding Nemo is a fun and enchanting aquatic adventure that warms our heart, while teaching us things about the amazing world under the sea, too. The animation is incredible; Finding Nemo is another masterpiece to add to the infamous resume of Pixar Studios. If every movie was as inventively informative as Finding Nemo, the world would be a much better place. Itís fun, sweet, comical, adventurous, well-made and assembled, creative, likeable, and intrepidly beautiful. Who could ask for more in any movie? I canít.

      Technology today is like the eighth wonder of the world. If you look at how advanced animation has gotten in such a small amount of time, itís really quite amazing. Fifteen years ago, every frame in an animated film was hand-drawn. The quality of the finished films appearance was about that of a modern-day cartoon (not content-wise, of course). The quality of the voices was often not very good; the soundtracks were blotched and boggy. But now, we have computers to help assemble the scenes and create the films. The emotions of the characters transfer onto the screen, as if they were coming from real people. The entire movie looks close to real. Finding Nemo is a beautiful representation of the brilliant things that computers can do. If this style of animation keeps advancing at such a rapid pace, where will we be in another hundred years? Will we be creating full-length animated movies that look exactly like real, acted ones? Hey, who needs Meryl Streep when you can create a flawless performance by a no-name actor on a computer, for almost no cost at all?

     Finding Nemo is a step in the right direction towards achieving just this. The beautiful, under-water world that Pixar creates is stunning. This is a film that has been waiting to be told for some time now, but the story had never found the proper medium, until now. Finding Nemo is a simply wonderful, realistic looking picture which will blow the minds of many of the members of the audience. Adults and kids will be able to appreciate its rich and gleeful goodness, equally.

     The cast of voice-actors is excellent. The two that stand out the most are the hilarious Albert Brooks and equally funny Ellen DeGeneres. These two dish out the necessary comedic relief of the movie, and do so very, very well. Brooks and DeGeneres play the characters Marlin (though heís actually a clownfish) and Dory. Together, the two bring so much charm through their innocently comic voice personalities, itís hard to not like Finding Nemo on the whole because theyíre so good. Brooks has another movie out right now too, titled The In-Laws, which is also very funny and enjoyable. This year, heís been blessed with two great roles, and has hit the right note as a performer in both of them.

     Finding Nemo is the perfect movie-going experience for both adults and children, alike. Itís an excellent representation of animation at its best, as well as a smart and funny journey on film. I thoroughly enjoyed myself for its entire duration long. Movies have begun to shape up recently, Iíve noticed. Maybe weíre in for a better summer than expected. Finding Nemo is a great start and a wonderful flick. It is, without a doubt, worth the price of admission.

-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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