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My Big Fat Greek Wedding /

Rated: PG

Starring: Nia Vardalos, Gia Carides, John Corbett, Joey Fatone, Ian Gomez 

Directed by: Joel Zwick 

Produced by: Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Rita Wilson 

Written by: Nia Vardalos 

Distributor: IFC Films


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     Many people may oversee My Big Fat Greek Wedding because it is a low budget film, but I've got to admit, it was as funny as hell. It doesn't utilize your average humor, and even though seniors like it the most; I'm thirteen and I laughed my pants off. The things that I admired the most were the development of the characters, the quirky humor, and the direction. They all made My Big Fat Greek Wedding a hilarious treat.

     The different characters profiles impressed me beyond words. Every character had their own special and hilarious way of doing things. This is what made the movie so funny; how very original everything was. How would you like to have a giant Greek family? A father that obsesses of over Windex and thinks it's the answer to everything, a mother who only eats and cooks, and a bunch of siblings who have too many children to count! Great, Aye?

     To further go into the plot: the movie is basically about a woman who is not at all like her family. Instead of the traditional Greek women who get married and have lots and lots of kids, she is single and works at the family restaurant. Until one day, when she is working at the restaurant, she meets a man that she starts to admire, but didn't exactly make a good impression on him. Her klutzy behavior allows her to spill coffee on his pants, not make the right change when he pays for his meal, and tons of other little annoying incidences. After this happens, she decides that she must shape up and get a guy. To earn his love, she must find him again, become pretty and educated, and get her family to like him.

     I'm not going to say that this movie was all good: it had one flaw that really bothered me; and that's that it was much too predictable. Some people may like this simple minded type of movie because they do not have to think; but I don't. I respect it for its light headed comedy, but nothing more. On the flipside, wouldn't have been as harmlessly funny as it was if there were a twist in the story, and there wasn't much that the screenwriters could've improved. All in all, it was a simple script, but it worked!

     My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a film full of unintentional fun. Everyone should  see it to enjoy it, and not study it study it. If you make it a big deal out of it's flaws, you won't respect the comedial efforts as much. Accepting it for what it is, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a hilarious treat.


-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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