The Sweetest Thing /

Rated: R

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Thomas Jane, Selma Blair, Jason Bateman 

Directed by: Roger Kumble 

Produced by: Cathy Konrad 

Written by: Nancy Pimental 

Distributor: Columbia Pictures

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Movie Image

†††† The Sweetest Thing offers some short-lived stand-up (and when I say short-lived, I mean short-lived the full movie including credits is only 84 minutes) comedy from Diaz and her pals in a playful way. Although sexually offensive and at times very raunchy, the dialogue sounds so helpless that itís inanely funny. I laughed endlessly during certain parts, and when I think about them right now Iím still able to crack a smile. Itís stupid, itís shallow; but what the hey? I donít like Adam Sandler movies any more than this and they get two-and-a-half bucket ratings from me; why doesn't thins deserve one? This film is just a good olí night on the town that will make you laugh, cry; oh Iím sorry did I say cry? It will make you laugh, laugh, and laugh your big fat ass off some more.

†††† So anyways, in the movie; Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair are looking for a ďfew good menĒ. The only problem? Their the hump-mí-and-dump-mí type. All they want is one night with a brainless, but good looking guy to make them look good in the club for the evening and to raise their egoís a little; but they donít want a serious relationship. Until one night, when Cameron Diazís character stumbles upon a man from out of town in the local clubÖShe talks to him for a while, but decides heís like the rest of the males sheís ďdoneĒ and leaves without even exchanging telephone numbers (serious crime to her). In the bathroom, her friends notice that she starts calling him pet-names; she must have a serious crush on the guy! They have to hunt him down! All he mentioned as to where heíd be is that his brother was getting married in a town called Sunset, three miles off. They have no choice but to endure the small trip (Whoa! A whopping three hours; 1/8 of their day!). Along the way they have some girly fun that is none other than a guilty pleasure to watch. The Sweetest Thing is like a Crossroads that moves by faster; they both have hot chicks doing cold things; but in the end everything somehow turns from wrong to right.

†††† I have to take off at least 1 Ĺ buckets because of flaws, but I have come to still recommend this ďepic comedyĒ (leave out the epic part if you want to get technical). The direction wasnít very good, the cinematography made me sick, and though hilarious; the screenplay was weak in some areas. But Iíve learned to judge by entertainment value upon grading flicks like this. The Sweetest Thing is so ridiculous itís good; Roger Ebert didnít like it, but he shouldíve. This kind of movie is fun and enjoyable and thatís what critics should grade them for. Unless a movie was directed by a two-year-old, donít complain; the crew is trying!

†††† The Sweetest Thing is hilariously entertaining and everyone up its alley should give it a try. But if you arenít: beware of dog! (Get It! Iím just sooo funny at times). If you donít want to hear constant jokes about sexual preference, underwear, and bodily fluids; donít go near this one either! There is a limited audience for this kind of material (or as some would say; crap!), but if youíre one of the people who like it; then youíll REALLY like this one. So just donít think and laugh your heart out if you decide to watch it; women with no brains are so funny itís not even funny. The Sweetest Thing is the needle in the haystack if its comedy youíre looking for.

-Danny, Bucket Reviews

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