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Blue Crush /

Rated: PG-13
Starring: Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Matthew Davis, Mika Boorem, Sanoe Lake
Directed by: John Stockwell
Produced by: Brian Grazer, Karen Kehela
Written by: John Stockwell, Lizzy Weiss

Distributor: Universal Pictures


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Movie Image

Movie Image

     This movie has it all; surfing, babes in bikinis, and the beautiful Hawaiian waves. Blue Crush is smart on many levels; it will do well at the box office, be critically applauded, and give many people a great time. I was highly entertained by the unique and creative cuts of the fabulously talented surfers. There is Kate Bosworth, too, that always scores some extra points. Lots of people chose to explain this as a guilty pleasure, and I completely agree. Who can take their eyes off of this movie? No one with a single shred of humanity in there body, thatís for sure. The hour and nineteen minutes that passed by in the theatre seemed like one; I thoroughly enjoyed the delightful time.

     Donít base your decision on seeing or not seeing this movie by the trailer; it isnít an accurate representation of what the story portrays. It acts like the film is some corny teen flick, which it isnít, and totally excludes the male audiences. The second preview made was an improvement from the first, but still not nearly as enticing as the feature-film itself. In real life, the picture has something for everyone; attitude for the chicks, babes for the guys, excellent cinematography for the film-buffs, and enormous waves for the surfers. If Iíve learned one thing in my movie-going experience; itís to not trust the trailers. This film really surprised me, and Iím glad I took the chance and went to see it.

     Hawaiian surf is amazing. The incredible waves were a treat to watch because the cinematographers had something so miraculous to work with. The different angles, zooming, and positioning were hands down the best Iíve seen in years. In the opening scene, the producers tinted the film to a certain degree, giving it a vibrant flare. In the first real surfing sequence, the director violently cut the clips of video from tons of cameras in very short periods of time, which gave the movie its edge. The way the camera work had such a fun and outgoing feel made a huge impact on this picture; after itís over youíre convinced that the girls in it can shred. This was the best time Iíve had at the movies in a long while; what you see gives off a highly interactive feel.

     I have one thing to say to the people who pan Blue Crush because of its predictability, you suck! I donít mean to sound vile, or uneducated for that matter, here; but the feeling of knowing whatís going to happen is half the fun. It makes you feel safe and secure; you know that everythingís going to be okay. All of the problems, all of the lost relationships that make such a big impact on everyoneís lives are going to clear up. You know that thereís hope, and thatís just a great feeling. ďLet It BeÖĒ Ė John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

     Blue Crush is exciting, leisurely, and outgoing; itíll be some of the most fun youíll have at the movies in years. Although it lacks substance, and the story is very predictable; who cares? It has bikinis, thatís always a good thing; right? On an undiscussed note, everyoneís performances were spectacular, except for Michelle Rodriguez; who I have yet to find a taste for. This has the potential to be the most well rounded, and well marketed, flick of the century. No one can possibly dislike everything it has to offer. If you want some outstanding, low-key entertainment; Blue Crush is your best bet.

-Danny, Bucket Reviews