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Enough /

Rated: PG-13

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Bill Campbell, Juliette Lewis, Ruben Madera, Dan Futterman 

Directed by: Michael Apted 

Produced by: Irwin Winkler, Rob Cowan 

Written by: Nicholas Kazan 

Distributor: Columbia Tristar


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     Enoughís premise isnít at all enjoyable, but rather entertaining because itís supposed to be taken seriously, but it makes you laugh even harder than Austin Powers will. Jennifer Lopez plays the most stupid and dumbfounded character, while her husband, played by Billy Campbell, has the most unnecessary and plain stupid personality ever created in the movie business. The film was made and molded by big names like Michael Apted and Jennifer Lopez; but turns out to be one of the worst movies of the year. I would normally give such ugly material a worse grade than the average two buckets, but I think that it is actually worth a watch because of the enjoyment youíll get out of viewing such an ugly excuse for a good story, well-developed characters, and a thoroughly written screenplay. But, Iím sorry filmmakers, if you didnít notice, the movie stinks.

     The film starts with a series of scenes that act as a prequel. We see clips from how a couple meets, gets married, and has a child. They are very wealthy and have almost everything anyone could wish for, except there relationship moves downhill as the husband (Billy Campbell) starts dating a series of other women. And his wife (Jennifer Lopez), finds out the hard way when dialing the presets on his cellular phone when she is left puzzled when the number ď33Ē pops up on his pager. He begins to display no interest in her and the old sparks donít seem to be flying anymore. She confronts him on the topic, and sooner or later the case turns from a small side-relationship into a big issue of domestic abuse. She would like to report it to the police, but is scared that their small child will be turned over to county services. The two try to run away from this monstrous husband, but he always seems to find them, and they risk their lives every time he does. She finally admits that sheís had way too much mental trauma, and decides that she must give the kid to her friend to take care of for a while. She canít run, and she canít hide, so she must fight; so she starts to take individual self-defense courses. Who will win the battle? Iím sure you already know, predictability is a big contributor to the films weaknesses, so whatís the point of watching the agony unfold again?

     There are two pros to the flick, a kick ass action sequence and some cool karate stunts. The action scene has a car chase that is unforgettable, due to its great green screen jobs, cool stunts, and killer ending. It is also realistic, as well, which is hard to find in such clips. The self defense courses are also fun to watch simply because of the fact that itís interesting to see Jennifer Lopez try to knock out a few really hefty guys. These areas are about the only ones to excel in this messy disaster of a film, though.

     Overall, Enough is okay to watch, but does not succeed in making a worthwhile and entertaining experience. It couldíve benefited from lesser known actors and actresses, a more creative director, and a further written screenplay. Most everything is a mess, and is just flat out lame. The tired material doesnít work, and will never work. There is one reasonable purpose any person would have to watch the movie itself, and that is to be entertained by the wannabe-type material; if youíre not one of them, look elsewhere.

-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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