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Juwanna Mann /

Rated: PG-13

Starring: Miguel A. Nunez Jr., Vivica A. Fox, Kim Wayans, Tommy Davidson, Kevin Pollak 

Directed by: Jesse Vaughan 

Produced by: James G. Robinson, Steve Oedekerk, Bill Gerber 

Written by: Bradley Allenstein, Mark Brown 

Distributor: Warner Brothers

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    Juwanna Mann was a top notch comedy, but not an exceedingly great movie. It is a teen flick, but I enjoyed it. The minor incidences between characters were what made the movie funny. This picture was a hilarious joke against the opposite sex. It made sick jokes into funny masterminds.


     Since I've seen the Eddie Griffin movie Undercover Brother, all of these black culture films seem so hilarious. That was partly why I enjoyed Juwanna Mann more than I normally would. If it wasn't for Mr. Brother, this would've probably been a 1.5 Bucket movie. Thanks to the funky vibe of the 70's "Juwanna" was an enjoyable treat.


     The thing that let me down in this movie was the predictability. It was worth 3 Buckets until the end, where the predictability reached it prime, and then vanquished the rating by a half a bucket. But, overall the script was absolutely fine. The very offending crude humor was some how turned into notorious fun.


     The insight on this movie is that it is a teen comedy full of sluts and lesbians, that really isn't the truth. This comedy is a comedic extravaganza of harmless fun. It is just like movies such as: Big Momma's House, The Nutty Professor, and Dr. Dolittle. The crude humor isn't an offensive issue; it's accepted for a certain level of sincerity and rather funny if I do say so myself.


     Overall this movie wasn't great but it made me laugh; it was a perfect example of a funny but average comedy. It was worth the six bucks to get in but I would've probably enjoyed seeing something else. But in the end it was good, that's all that matters. I declare "Thumb's Up"* for Juwanna Mann.


-Danny, Bucket Reviews

*Thumb's Up is a phrase used by Ebert and Roeper (Website).


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