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Lilo & Stitch /

Rated: PG

Starring: Tia Carrere, David Ogden Stiers, Zoe Caldwell, Kevin Michael Richardson, Daveigh Chase 

Directed by: Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois 

Produced by: Clark Spencer 

Written by: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders, Alan Silvestri 

Distributor: Walt Disney


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     Wow! Kids movies are doing so well today...At least this one was good, they past few I've been seeing haven't been enjoyable in the least bit. But, let's put that behind, Disney's latest work, Lilo & Stitch, was absolutely delightful and fun; it's great for the whole family! Don't just think it's only good for the kids (the 80 year old guy in back of me had a heart-attack; he was enjoying it so much). This film was astonishingly wonderful, and I can't stretch this enough.


     One of the most enjoyable things in this 87 minute long animated feature was the warm-heartedness of the characters. I found myself falling in love with all of the personalities who each own an incredible sense of indignations wit. They had their own way of doing things, but in the end, all of began to live together harmonically. This film had a meaning; and that's that love should over power hate, this will be taken well by audiences everywhere.


     This is certainly a new idea for a Disney movie; behind the aliens and Hawaiian waves there is a true meaning. This is about a needy family of two, who are doing their best to survive but can't. Quite serious issues should be expressed in this manor to children. Lilo and Stitch sets new standards for animated features.


     The thing I liked the best in the film, though, in this film was the way it incorporated common issues into the most harmonic places. It's the first cartoon (besides South Park) that captured real issues; which was briefly discussed in the last paragraph. The emotional feelings they incorporated something extremely real into a "not so real movie" was ingenious. Their were constant emotional breakdowns in Lilo's home, but there to simplify them was Stitch, an alien. This works; plain and simple.


     Lilo & Stitch in my opinion is one of Disney's best efforts since The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. It truly is a truly magical cultural enchantment, and a meshing of two different worlds. It is a definite must see, and will most likely be on my "Top 10 of 2002" list!


-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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