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Master of Disguise /

Rated: PG

Starring: Dana Carvey, Jennifer Esposito, Harold Gould, James Brolin, Brent Spiner   

Directed by: Perry Andelin Blake 

Produced by: Sid Ganis, Alex Siskin, Barry Bernardi, Todd Garner, Sidney Ganis, Adam Sandler 

Written by: Dana Carvey, Harris Goldberg 

Distributor: Columbia Pictures


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     Unlike Scooby Doo, The Master of Disguise is not torturous or unbearable. Even though it’s not the best of kids movies, and at some points a hard sit; it pleases the intended audience, children. Most of the movie is given away in the previews, but the audience I was with seemed to be laughing at the overused jokes mindlessly well. This movie is not bad, but rather doesn’t have any unique features; the slapstick is old and boring, but will please most of America’s average movie-goers.

     Dana Carvey has taken his comedy a notch down from the old days on Saturday Night Live, but is still very funny. I had a hard time resisting the urge to laugh at his more bizarre and appealing humor at the “Turtle Club”, but watching a guy fart fifty times in an hour and a half is a whole other deal. Carvey’s comedy is much that of fast food, when you eat it for the first time it tastes extremely good, but after having it repeatedly it can be hazardous to your health.

     You probably have seen at least one of the numerous ads for The Master of Disguise, but if you haven’t, then I will baffle you with the story that most of America has experienced already. Pistachio, a waiter at his parents’ Italian restaurant is an immature “child” in his twenties. His parents are former Masters’ of Disguise, people who can disguise themselves and tone their voices to look and sound exactly like a certain person. Pistachio does not know that he was born into a family of “Disguiseys”, but when his parents are kidnapped by black-market con-artists’, his grandfather must reveal the family secret.

     Pistachio’s grandfather teaches him to be a ‘Master of Disguise’ so he can save his parents by going undercover as various people. Even though The Master of Disguise is very funny and amusing at some points, the rest of the movie is a failure. Kids will love this film because of its simple and earnest plot, yet adults find this movie annoying and satire; its is a mixed bag. Should parents’ sacrifice themselves to allow their kids a good time is a hard question to answer. It depends on how much useless information people are able to take.

     There was one thing that made this movie flow for me, that was the color and the lighting. My enjoyment factor went up, to my surprise, because of the exquisite and fluorescent color used in the sets, clothing, and furniture. The powerful lighting combined with these nicely, to make the images presented stand out, but not overpower. The designers had a very eccentric taste in fashion, and I can say that without any knowledge of the subject matter.

     Even though The Master of Disguise’s jokes are usually spoiled by its advertising; it presents rip-roaring slapstick comedy that will entertain kids ten and under. It’s painful sit for adults, but if you’ve liked Dana Carvey’s work in the past this is worth checking out. This movie is a mixed bag, the impression that The Master of Disguise makes on you is solely determined by personal tastes.

Danny, Bucket Reviews


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