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Vanilla Sky /

Rated: R

Starring: Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Jason Lee, Kurt Russell 

Directed by: Cameron Crowe 

Produced by: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner 

Written by: Alejandro Amenábar, Cameron Crowe, Mateo Gil 

Distributor: Paramount Pictures


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     Oh, how good this movie was... Here is an excellent example of a movie with a lesson to be taught, as well as a very respectable storyline. What a movie it was. Vanilla Sky isn't all about throwing your life away and having sex with the wrong people. It has a very valuable message, and that is a very respectable aspect held within the film. This movie was an enchantment, yet a code waiting to be broken. It was a predicament to right the wrong.


     Tom and Penelope were a match made in heaven; they shared the set like angels leaping on a cloud. The way worked together and created the most wondrous final product a director could ask for was completely unimaginable, but they did it (literally). They could just share the set like they were one person, not two. They came in one magical package sent from heaven.


     Another thing that I extremely enjoyed about this film was the soundtrack. The music to Vanilla Sky really set the whole mood of the film. One minute, laid back; another minute, a craze of injustice flying through everyone. The picture perfect idealized plot that this film offered sent the soundtrack a lot to work with. The music in this film exceeded all odds and offered something no one could ask for, it was total perfection.


      Now that I have talked about the good, I would like to talk about a flaw that I noticed in Vanilla Sky. This movie is very complicated, and I know when some people go to the movie they don't want to think (even though I do). Now, If you hate to think during a movie Vanilla Sky is not for you, but I love to think during a movie; intelligence was this films charm.


     Vanilla Sky is one of the best movies of 2001. Everything was great about it the direction, the plot, the lessons, the complexion, and of course the girl. The idealized format in the plot sequences required extreme intelligence to create. This is a movie that shall be remembered in the Oscar Race! Vanilla Sky was a wonderful film.


-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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